The first day of schooling

There are only two enthusiastic days in the students life, first one is the very first day of the school and second is the day of last exam and today was one of it for them. We as a student usually feel quite excited to go back to the school after almost two months winter break with   new uniforms, new upgraded classrooms, new class teachers and meeting old friends after a long break. The curiosity to know who came to one’s class as a new-comer, whether he/she is beautiful/smart and to know their names and previous school, to become happy if that beautiful/smart guy happened to be one’s classmate. Many boys usually tend to try the new comer girls to make his girlfriend before other could try her and same with girlsJ, I guess.

Going back to one’s school after a long break and with the thought of upgraded standard and watching new classroom’s upgraded standard sign board at the top of door and feeling proud of oneself, usually feels really awesome. Going back to see the old classrooms with friends and recollecting about one’s old seats, unforgettable moments that happened in that classroom the year before and giggling on that. The mass gathering at the assembly ground and listening to principal’s welcome speech. Going to new SUPW area and working with friends and new class teachers commanding us, some with smiles and some with seriousness. And if there is any beautiful/smart new comer friend, keeping frequent sight on them escaping from their noticeJ. Cleaning the new classroom and making ready for the new years’ lessons. Some cheaters trying to escape from their works and letting only their friends to work even for them. The cultural items preparation for the His Majesty’s birth day and some trying to escape from taking part in it. Some dancing under compulsion without knowing even ‘d’ of dance Jand searching for the ways to escape. And after few hours principal sir commanding us to go back home safely.

So everything during the first day of schooling is quite interesting and more with the day of last exam where every students feels relieved after a long term and start planning the programmes for the break, saying goodbye to all the close friends and wishing them to take care always not knowing whether they will be able to meet next year again or not. Some even forget to write their last exam properly with the feelings of excitement which is not recommended. Today I’m missing all those beautiful moments and wishing good luck for myself for the tough life ahead.

                                                               D.K Thulung Rai


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