When I never missed my evening Prayer-II

I tried many times to talked with her and ask her name and class but never could do that unless when she talked with me first and called me acho, it was normal since I was her senior but I felt so funny at that moment and found out that she got more pop than me and that was actually a great news for me because I could easily talked to her from next time on when I met her again.

She used to stay just a mile away from my home and we used to travel in the same bus to the school and to home but after the first term she got shifted to another place may be because of some reason which I’ve no idea and it was quite far now. I could hardly see her then but one fine morning when I was walking to school with one of my friend who was her friend too, on the half way to school we met at the junction and since we have had already talked before I could talked to her. And that almost one mile walks and talks with her was really a great moment for me.

Only at that time we had a proper talk, I asked her hobbies, ambitions and in which school was she the year before and she told me that she  is not really good in studies and like culture and she wanted to become a fashion designer later if possible. And we reached to school. I think that was a first and last good talk with her and after that I don’t remember myself talking with her again during the school time. After that we had a home exam and she had a board exam. Before that I tried many times to enquire her friends about her studies and her bio- data but with a fear that her friends would doubt me, I hardly could do that and her friends gave the same answer as she gave me before but I had a strong feeling that she would make it up through the board exam. I had a great thought of helping her in my best way possible but never could say this to her for which I regret later. And that was the end of my story.

After the second term break, we again went back to the school and my sight was searching her since from the first day of the class elevens orientations. Days passed but I couldn’t see her in the entire school compound. At first I thought that she may at leave for few days but then weeks passed and I started thinking that she might have changed her school or she might have not succeed form the board exam but deep inside I still had a believe that she would come to the same school one fine day. Once I saw her name and class in my house members lists which gave me the hope to see her again. I went near to her class many times unknowingly but couldn’t see her as usual.

And one day, we house captains were to select the players for the ball games and there was shortage of Sr. girls volleyball players in my house and I happened to go to her class searching for the players and there comes a big surprise for me, the girl with her name and class just appeared in-front of me and she was really a different girl then I was thinking of. I couldn’t believe at once and asked her again “is this really your name?” and she said yes..! and moreover she don’t want to participate in any ball games though she was huge enough to play any type of ball games and I almost become a mad there on seeing her and with her response. I saw her for the first time there but later I came know that she was in the same school for the past two years and how come that I never saw her being in the same school? She really puzzled me once with the same name and the same class but she remained unknown to my story. To be cont…

                                                               D.K Thulung Rai


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