The Mystery-II

We came down to the main road and waited for a taxi for a long hours but found none and suddenly a truck stopped for us while we were wondering who could be that but later we found out that he was our far cousin brother who too was driving to wangdue fortunately. Mom and I quickly got into the truck and reached a place called walk-lay-tar and the truck stopped in-front of small hotel there for a lunch.

 We had a packed lunch but we too went inside to give him company. He ordered the rice there and my mom opened a packed lunch for two of us. There comes a big surprise for me, a girl came towards us carrying a plate of rice on her hand. She happened to be that girl how shocking? At one glance I identified her and I guess she too recognized me but could not look at her directly and share some words though I desired. I hardly could finish my meal and quickly came out of there and got into the truck. Mom and the driver came following me and later I found that she was asking about me to my mom. That was actually the last and final met with her till the date. Once I think I saw her on the road side below the PHPA project while I was doing my temporary job there but I’m not sure if that was really her.

Later I heard that she joined Gaselo high school where she didn’t qualify for higher studies in govt. school after passing out from the previous pry school in Tsirang but never got to see her. But in deep I had a strong believe that one fine day I would see her. During last Jan when I went to Thimphu at my cousin sister’s house, she was browsing her facebook profile when I saw the girls name on her new feeds. I asked her, is that the girl who used to stay in the hotel in walk-ley-tar and she responded yes and she said that she too stays in the capital. I didn’t share her anything nor did she bother to know why I asked her that question. I was quite happy to hear that and was curious to see her profile as soon as possible but I didn’t do that immediately.

Few days before, I suddenly remembered to see her profile while I was browsing through my profile and quickly typed her initial name and there she was but I hardly could recognize her. Starting from her name there were lots of changes in her looks height and all. I could not recognize her at all in many of her pictures no matter how much I tried to recollect her picture in my brain and no matter from whichever angle I tried to see, hardly could recognize her in very few pictures which could be her old picture. And guess what she is the one and only mate I found and got to see from all the others friends from my pry schooling.

Thought of sending her a friend request and chat with her about a lot and see if she could recognize me or not but couldn’t do that too as I want to keep it as a mystery forever. If we are to meet one day in our faith, we’ll surely meet no matter where and how but if not, this would be the end of her. No matter however I try but I’ll never be able to forget her in my entire life because the question “who was your first crush” will be always there and my true answer would none other than her. This was the story which ended before starting actually so nothing serious.


                                                                D.K Thulung Rai


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